Eri Silk

Largest Manufacturers of Eri Silk,

One of the Most Organised Handloom Set-Ups in India

with Sustainability at the heart of all our projects, we are Supporting the livelhoods of indigenous weavers across the North East of India


                 Emerging from North-East India      With 25 years

of experience, Fabric Plus is a Social Enterprise and a Brand that weaves elements of tradition and contemporary textile art and craft seamlessly  together. Our mission is to nurture and enhance the silk industry of Assam & the Northeast, and create a revolution right from the grassroots; bringing a means of livelihood to the traditional silk bearing families of North-east. Affiliations

250 weavers

83% women

1 ,00,0000 farmers


                               every 3kg of cocoons    we use impacts 1 livelihood

Eri Silk,

Ahimsa Silk, Silk of Peace

Eri or Errandi Silk is a signature fabric from North-East India. Fed upon organic castor leaves and other natural foodplants, it is eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. Unlike other silks, the moth is allowed to emerge the cocoon before the Eri silk is extracted earning the fabric the recognition of an ‘eco-friendly’ fabric .

        Owing to its isothermal properties, Eri silk fabrics offer the unique benefit of feeling cool in summers and warm in winters, a remerkable ‘all weather silk’       →

WOMEN’S wear
HOME furnishing


          Factories   The first of its kind and the only integrated spinning and weaving units dedicated to manufacturing of eri silk from yarn processing to weaving

5 metric ton

monthly production

   Raw Materials  We offer maximum fluidity in our range of raw materials from fibres, sheets, sliver, roving to yarns   


   Fabrics          A myriad of sustainable fabrics to suit any usage. Explore our collection of artisanal Eri Silk, other natural silks and fibres and their blends   →

When the world is reeling with the effects of environmental damage, it is a good time to evaluate existing choices. to develop and promote practices of low environmental impact make the crucial shift to ethical materials.

for Spinners

for weavers

for Wholesale, Retailers, Stand alone stores

for companies and Designers

We have our pre yarn stage roving, silver and degummed sheets

We have our various counts of Eri yarn and create speciality yarns on request with minimum order quantities

We have a wide range of fabrics, stoles, shawls and throws in Eri silks and Eri silk blends

We have a wide range of fabrics, stoles, shawls and throws in Eri silks and Eri silk blends

WOMEN’S wear
HOME furnishing


            we are much more than just a textiles manufacturer           The knowledge centre aims to provide information-rich resources with the purpose of engaging, informing, helping and bringing value to our members, partners and researchers. Explore the world of sustainable textiles, traditional and tribal textiles, technical textiles along with a wide array of research documents, books and other publications undertaken by Fabric Plus and its community.

we encourage our members and partners to share any resources with us Contribution Form    

              Traditional ways of Dyeing Natural

Obtained from natural sources, Natural dyes are a renewable resource and contribute to rural economic development. Contrary to common assumptions, some natural dyes have excellent fastnessto light, cleaning agents, water and perspiration.      →

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